Cholesterol and Low Carbing

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I’m not really what you call a ‘Science Geek’. I do read scientific studies, and I’ve done that a bit lately. I’m no dummy, but I’m just not interested in it. The same with computers. I am a wizz in my office at work, and people ask me computer tech questions, but I’m just not interested in it.

Now that disclaimer is over, one science related subject that comes up often when talking about diet is cholesterol. My family has a history of high cholesterol. When I got mine tested about 3 years ago it was at the higher than normal level (but not very high). I haven’t had it tested lately. To be frank with you, I am not that worried about it. I’m more concerned about losing weight. (continue reading…)

Fat Loss Exercises

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If you really want to lose weight you have to do fat loss exercises – that is exercises that are them most efficient for burning fat. The most efficient fat loss exercises are cardio exercises, also know as cardio-vascular exercises, aerobic exercises or just plain aerobics.

So what is an aerobic exercise?

The word “aerobic” means with air. So by definition an aerobic exercise requires oxygen. If your body does not require oxygen to do the exercise then by definition it is “anerobic”. Generally aerobic exercises most go over 30 seconds, to qualify, but a more practically an aerobic exericise: 1. Uses large muscle groups. Generally the legs.
2. Takes place over a sustained period of time: over 20 min.
3. Keeps your heart rate above 55% but below 85%.
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Best lower ab workouts

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These great lower ab workouts provide some variety to your workout routine. I’ve listed four lower abs workouts here in order of increasing difficulty. Work up gradually and you’ll have abs of steel in no time.

Pelvic Tilt

1. Lie on the floor on your back.
2. Interlace your fingers and place them behind your head.
3. Lift your hips towards the ceiling and hold for a count of three.
4. Lower to the floor and repeat.

Start you lower abs workout with this one. Work up until you can do forty. After you reach forty then drop back to twenty and add one of these other lower ab workouts until you can do a total of forty repetitions all together. (continue reading…)

Training Philosophy & Fit Tips

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If It Works, Don’t Fix It

It’s hard to be patient when all you can think about is being your personal best; you have goals that you can picture achieving in your minds eye as clear as day. The body is a highly complex organism that is never the same on any given day. Be open to making modifications in all areas of your training, yet don’t lose sight of what’s tried and true. I think one of the biggest pitfalls a competitor encounters is over-thinking, over-analyzing or over-working a situation; sometimes the best thing to do is forget all the conflicting information and opt for simplicity – take it back to basics. There’s good ‘ole saying: “Can’t see the forest for the trees” – don’t let it happen to you! (continue reading…)

A call to Arms: Low Carbers Unite!

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I definately have no intention of running away from Low Carb. I am very proud of the fact that I follow the Atkins Diet! I credit Dr. Robert C. Atkins with saving my life, just as everyone else who is successful on the Atkins Diet.

I was really trying to spark up interest in a propaganda campaign. This is what the Allies had to do, when they were fighting the Nazi’s in World War 2. I only use that referrance because it relates to the word propaganda. I mean no disrespect to any person who served in WW2.

Look at all the propaganda against Low Carb in the media now! People spit in our face when we say the words “Atkins Diet”. People would readily accept you eating at fast food restauarants, rather than being on the Atkins Diet. (continue reading…)

The reason why the atkins diet is not more popular.

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I had a revelation the other day. I was thinking of all the negative and false things things said about the Atkins diet. That it harms the kidneys, promotes heart disease, increases bad cholesterol, increases acid in the body, turns all the organs to mush etc etc. All unfounded and unsubstantiated by any science or any logical reason.

In reality, the atkins diet gives immense health improvements and weight control, more than the dieter could ever think possible.

Then it hit me, the reason why the Atkins diet is not popular, is because it does none of those negative things. Imagine if it really did rot your kidneys and heart? I think then that everone would be doing it! (continue reading…)

Workout nutrition tips

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workout nutritionHow to make your workout stick!

I get so many people coming to me and so many emails all asking the same question,” I workout x amount of times a week ,but I’m still not making any progression”. My answer many times is,” You’re not eating right”

In a world filled with fast food restaurants it is very hard to stick to an eating plan which will make sure that you see results in your exercise regime.
“You are what you eat”, is very cliché ,but very true. Eating right is at least 50% or more of your overall recovery and you will not make progression without a sound nutritional programme. (continue reading…)

Nutrition – Caffeine and health

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caffeine and healthMany people have got into the ‘habit’ of needing caffeinated drinks most of the day to function. You must recognise if your one of these poeple and try to limit yourself to enjoying ONE a day. savouring the taste and reduce your sugar down to NONE. If your a capuccino drinker, choose a small one and ask for nutmeg or cinnamon instead of chocolate powder on top.

Drinking caffeinated dronks all day can seriously effect your nutrient balance and deplete magnesium and vitamin B5.

Try and switch to an alternative healthy drink, such as peppermint tea. Although not readily available in coffe/tea bars, you can bring a box to work and drink there, but still in moderation. If your really thirsty try drinking water !

If your worried about not being as allert or ‘awake’ when weaning off caffeine, try taking stairs instead of lifts, short brisk walks and fresh air when you have the chance, maybe cylce to work instead of the bus or car ! this can provide an amazing boost well surpassed by the short lived boost caffeine gives you.

How to evaluate a Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT)

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personal fitness trainer

When meeting a Personal Fitness Trainer it is a good idea to set up an interview or a consultation. Most PFT’s will not charge you for this, but ask just to be prepared. Ask the individual if he or she could provide some sort of resume or documentation and reference. This will allow you to establish proper qualifications and rapport.

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Emotional Fitness

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Many people’s missing link

I have a saying ,”Free your mind ,and your ass will follow”, this saying applies to every single human being on the face of this earth. If you are not emotionally fit you will never ever be truly physically fit, or reach your true potential.

I am a perfect example of someone who at a time in my life found that my health and fitness was being damaged by my frail emotional fitness. When I went through my divorce I was very angry and stressed. I had a million things going through my head at one time and I felt like I was going to explode. This stress finally got the better of me and manifested itself in the form of colitis (disease of the colon). So it’s true that what goes on inside your head has an effect on what goes on inside the rest of your body. (continue reading…)